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2020-08-11 [ ]

Webinar with Mr. Ulf Leonhardt on August 11th

Topic: Casimir cosmology: how to get rid of 120 orders of magnitude

The cosmological constant, also known as dark energy, was believed to be caused by vacuum
fluctuations, but naive calculations give results in stark disagreement with fact. In the Casimir
effect, vacuum fluctuations cause forces in dielectric media, which is very well described by
Lifshitz theory. Recently, using the analogy between geometries and media, a cosmological
constant of the correct order of magnitude was calculated with Lifshitz theory [U. Leonhardt,
Ann. Phys. (New York) 411, 167973 (2019)]. This lecture discusses the empirical evidence and
the ideas behind the Lifshitz theory of the cosmological constant without requiring prior
knowledge of cosmology and quantum field theory.

Ulf Leonhardt from Weizmann Institute of Science Department of Physics of Complex Systems will talk on the topic of 'Casimir cosmology: how to get rid of 120 orders of magnitude' on the 11th of August, 11:00 AM .

Full invitation can be found here