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Atomika 8030C

The Atomika 8030C spectrometer uses TXRF to provide a qualitative and quantitative chemical analysis of liquid samples. Quantification is done by adding an internal standard of known concentration to the solutions. Samples are pipetted on small reflectors which can be automatically loaded into the machine out of sample magazines. This allows for easy measurements of large numbers of samples.

The sample can be excited using Mo-Kα, W-Lα and –Lβ or bremsstrahlung with 32 and 35 keV from a 2.5kW Mo-W x-ray tube. Monochromatisation is done using a double multilayer monochromator. The fluorescence signal is detected using a Si(Li) detector. In order to reduce scattering radiation between sample and detector the normal air can be displaced by Helium. This allows the detection of elements down to Sodium, Magnesium and Aluminum.  The high energy bremsstrahlung photons allow measuring of high-Z-element via their K-lines. Lower limits of detection are in the ppb range.

Photo of the spectrometer