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MAXI – 2D XRF spectrometer with mm resolution

The MAXI XRF-spectrometer has been designed for mm resolution, 2 dimensional scans on any flat surface (solid or fluid) to obtain elemental distribution maps. An example picture of a segregation map from a stainless steel cross section is depicted below and perfectly visualizes elemental diffusion behavior during casting.

This compact XRF-system consists of a low power, peltier cooled x-ray tube and a silicon drift detector combined with a camera and two laser pointers, with all axis perfectly aligned to focus on the same spot, thus allowing for continuous monitoring and documentation capabilities of all measurements on the target. Since x-rays are not in the visible spectrum, the laser pointers are an easy way to mark the current spot and will overlap when focused.

The system is designed to operate in air, but can be flushed with nitrogen to minimize absorption. Furthermore, a special developed computer program is used for automated measurements.