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‘Quantum for ever’ – A symposium to honor H. Rauch’s 80th birthday and the designation of the Atominstitut as an EPS Historic site.

The event will be held in the beautiful city of Vienna on Tuesday May 21. and Wednesday May 22. 2019 at the Atominstitut (TU Wien) located at Stadionallee 2, 1020 Wien, Österreich (15 minutes by cab from the Vienna International Airport – VIE).

On May 22nd 2019 the Atominstitut (TU Wien) will be commemorated by the European Physical Society (EPS) as an EPS Historic Site. Once the commemorative plaque is solemnly unveiled the Atominstitute joins an elite club with members such as the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen, the Institut Curie in Paris or the Laboratories of Kirchhoff und Bunsen in Heidelberg.

For more informations on the symposium, the invited speakers, the registration, the accomodation etc., please visit the website of the symposium.



Hartmut Abele
Erwin Jericha
Jörg Schmiedmayer
Thorsten Schumm
Stephan Sponar