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2016-10-31 [ ]

Mayraluna Lao received Prize in the Student Paper Contest in the Applied Superconductivity Conference 2016

The Applied Superconductivity Conference (ASC) is held every two years with over a thousand participants from all over the world working on the development of various applications of superconductors ranging from electronics and power transmission systems to high field magnets. The Best Student Paper Contest gives recognition to three outstanding works categorized into three areas: Large scale, Electronics and Materials. Six finalists for each of the areas were invited to give an oral presentation in the student competition session of the conference. This year, Mayraluna Lao, member of the low temperature physics and superconductivity group, won the third prize. The conference was held in Denver, Colorado, USA on September 4-9, 2016. Her work has shown the significance of the granular morphology of the high temperature superconductor layers at low temperatures and its impact on the current transport of different coated conductor architectures. These results are valuable for the development of superconductor wires and tapes, which are especially aimed to operate below liquid nitrogen temperatures.