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Neutron- and Quantum Physics

Abele Group


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Mittwoch, 2014-04-16

Searching for Dark Energy with Neutrons

It does not always take a huge accelerator to do particle physics: First results from a low energy, table top alterative takes validity of Newtonian gravity down by five orders of magnitude and narrows the potential properties of the forces and particles that may exist beyond it by more than one hundred thousand times. Gravity resonance spectroscopy, a method developed at the Vienna University of Technology, is so sensitive that it can now be used to search for Dark Matter and Dark Energy. Mehr

Freitag, 2014-01-10

Die Suche nach der Neutronenwelle

Neutronen und ihre Welleneigenschaften: Ein bahnbrechendes Experiment, durchgeführt 1974 am Atominstitut, feiert Geburtstag. Mehr

Dienstag, 2014-01-07

2013 Dalway J. Swaine Award

Best Refereed Paper in Coal and Hydrocarbon Source Rock Geochemistry presented to Hartmut Lemmel Mehr

Freitag, 2013-11-08

Teilchen und Strahlen für Österreich

Viele österreichische Forschungsprojekte werden an den großen europäischen Neutronenquellen und Synchrotronanlagen durchgeführt. Ein Symposium an der TU Wien beleuchtet die Erfolge dieser Kooperationen und berät die Perspektiven für die Zukunft. Mehr

Donnerstag, 2013-01-10

Auszeichnung für Neutronen-Star Helmut Rauch

Prof. Helmut Rauch erhält den Kardinal-Innitzer-Preis für sein Lebenswerk. Mehr

Dienstag, 2012-10-09

Hartmut Abele has become a member of the executive board of ENSA, the European Scattering Association

ENSA is an affiliation of national neutron scattering societies and committees which directly represent users. The overriding purposes of ENSA are to provide a platform for discussion and a focus for action in research with neutrons.


Dienstag, 2012-07-17

The Particles, the Cosmos and Spectroscopy of Gravity

The Viktor Hess Prize has been awarded to the Dr. Tobias Jenke by the Austrian Physical Society. Tobias Jenke is University Assistant in the Neutron and Quantum Physics Group headed by Prof. Dr. Hartmut Abele. Mehr

Dienstag, 2012-01-17

Are you certain, Mr. Heisenberg?

Measurements at the Vienna University of Technology Deepen Our Understanding of Quantum Uncertainty. Mehr

Sonntag, 2011-04-17

GRS: Gravity Resonance Spectroscopy

Paper has been published in Nature Physics 7, 468–472 (2011) / doi:10.1038/nphys1970

We report the application of resonance spectroscopy to gravity. In contrast to previous resonance methods, the quantum mechanical transition is driven by an...


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