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Head of the group: Prof. Dr. Thorsten SchummTel.: +43-1-58801-141896Fax: +43-1-58801-14199 Room number: ZA 01 40

TU Wien - Atominstitut
Stadionallee 2
1020 Vienna

Atomic clocks go nuclear

The quantum metrology research group is working towards a new type of atomic clock, that uses the atomic nucleus of Thorium-229 to realize the „ticking“. Going from electronic shell to nuclear transitions promises an increase in precision together with a more robust and compact implementation. More information can be found here


Montag, 2018-07-02

QME News: July 2018

Florian Honz joins the Cesium Team! Mehr

Montag, 2018-03-19

QME News: March 2018 (3)

Alexander Syböck starts his Bachelor thesis. Mehr

Montag, 2018-03-12

QME News: March 2018 (2)

COST Action AtomQT picks up pace! Mehr

Montag, 2018-03-05

QME News: March 2018 (1)

New publication on the joint TU Wien & PTB work to directly excite the Thorium isomer Mehr

Montag, 2018-01-08

QME News: January 2018

Alexander Wiener joins the Cesium Team! Mehr

Montag, 2017-12-04

QME News: December 2017

Welcome Martin Fischer! Mehr

Freitag, 2017-09-01

QME News: September 2017

Philip Slowak joins the Cesium Team for his Bachelor thesis. Mehr

Mittwoch, 2017-08-23

QME News: August 2017

Simon Stellmer receives ERC Starting Grant Mehr

Mittwoch, 2017-07-26

QME News: July 2017 (3)

Our first Cesium 2D MOT! Mehr

Freitag, 2017-07-21

QME News: July 2017 (2)

Maximilian Lerchbaumer joins the Cesium Team for his master thesis. Mehr

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