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Dienstag, 2022-01-18

Obituary for Andrey Nikolaevich Ivanov

We mourn Andrey Nikolaevich Ivanov. Andrey was born on June 3, 1945 in what was then Leningrad. Since 1993 he was a university professor at the Faculty of Physics, named "Peter The Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University" after Peter the Great. Since 1995 he has been a guest professor at the Institute for Nuclear Physics for several years and has been closely associated with the institute ever since. Mehr

Dienstag, 2021-12-28

Researchers discovered victims of Santorini volcanic eruption for the first time

Researchers draw a detailed picture of the devastation as a result of the devastating volcanic eruption on the Greek island of Santorini around 1600 BC in a new paper in the journal "PNAS". For the first time, the remains of the victims of the disaster were found - albeit in Çeşme-Bağlararası in what is now Turkey, 227 kilometers from Santorini. A young man and a dog were undoed by the devastation caused by several tsunami waves. Mehr

Mittwoch, 2021-09-22

Quantum cryptography Records with Higher-Dimensional Photons

© IQOQI Vienna

A research team at TU Wien developed a new quantum transmission protocol that allows a higher data transmission rate and is much more robust against interference. Mehr

Dienstag, 2021-07-27

The Quantum Refrigerator

A completely new cooling concept has been invented at TU Wien (Vienna): Computer simulations show how quantum fields could be used to break low-temperature records. Mehr

Mittwoch, 2021-02-24

Twin atoms: A source for entangled particles

Quantum experiments that could previously only be performed with photons are now also possible with atoms: Beams of entangled atoms have been produced at TU Wien (Vienna). Mehr

Montag, 2020-11-02

Learning about Quantum Vacuum by Studying Atoms

The Unruh-effect connects quantum theory and relativity. Until now, it could not be measured. A new idea could change this - in a completely different way than ever before. Mehr

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